Kobus launches KPP400 Pipe Puller for more efficient trenchless pipe replacement US

The team at Kobus Services Ltd, the UK based creators of the innovative Kobus Pipe Puller trenchless utility pipe repair and replacement system, has launched the new KPP400 excavator mounted pipe puller.

Pipe pulling removes the old pipework from the ground thereby eliminating the potential environmental pollution, as well as enabling the recycling and scrap value recovery of the old pipe.

The 400 Series Pipe Puller delivers a state-of-the-art solution for quickly and effectively removing and replacing service pipes.

The system requires two excavation holes, no larger than 3’ x 3’ depending on depth of service, to extract an old pipe while towing in the new replacement. Up to 85 feet of steel, copper, lead or plastic pipe can be easily replaced in a single pull (for diameters up to 1¼ in), and a new copper or PE pipe drawn in at the same time.

The 400 Series Pipe Puller is mounted on a compact excavator such as 35 or 45 series, and operates from the auxiliary hydraulics. It provides greater pulling power and efficiency improvements for contractors. The unique spool design makes removal of the pipe from the spool after extraction quicker and easier, while the rotatable foot means the puller can be positioned in any direction to suit excavator access.

The 400 Series Pipe Puller, already in use in five states in the Mid-West and being displayed for the first time at the No Dig Show in Chicago in 17-21 March 2019, can replace all types of service pipes, and combinations of pipe materials with fittings, much faster than more traditional methods. It is ideal for cross road applications and replacement programmes.

With several new features and capabilities, it has been designed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading utility companies, and will bring economic, logistical and business transforming benefits to contractors using it.

“In the United States, the problem is acute. It is estimated there are around 7 million lead pipes, totalling 65,000 miles of lead” says Simon Drain, Kobus Services managing director.

“In the US alone, with just one foot of lead pipe weighing 11 lbs and for an average 50 feet in length, this equates to an astronomical 3.8 billion lbs of lead. Aside the logistical and restoration benefits pipe pulling provides, the average scrap value of lead is approx. US$ 0.75 per lbs. Therefore, the potential scrap value of lead pipe to US contractors alone is worth $2.5 – 3bn”.

Visit the Kobus team at booth #246 at the NASTT No Dig Show in Chicago from 18th – 20th March 2019.

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