Texas State receives their first two KPP400’s

The State of Texas is the latest American State to welcome the arrival of our NASTT Award Winning Trenchless Technology for removing and replacing Water Service Pipes – The KOBUS KPP 400

This order comes following the successful trails our Operations Director Tom completed back on the 17th to 19th November 2020 with South West Water. During the trails, some 50-60ft pipes were removed, along with up to 7 previous repairs, and replaced with Plastic Pipes- all in one pull. Our KPP 400’s will now be put through their paces in the safe and swift removal of the aging Water Infrastructure of the Water Services in the area.

Reducing your companies CO2 footprint is also financially rewarding in some countries. This Technology not only removes the old failing, or not practical to repair Plastic, Galvanized, Copper and Lead Gas and Water Service Pipes but also replaces it with the preferred pipe replacement, in one controlled and safe movement. By doing so, it also removes the risk of any further environmental contamination that may arise from leaving the old service pipe in the ground, making it more environmentally sound for future generations to come.

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