KOBUS pipe puller

The Kobus Pipe Puller is a trenchless pipe replacement technique.  The Puller extracts Lead, Steel, Copper and Plastic service pipes QUICKLY and SAFELY whilst towing in a new service pipe, in one single operation.

The powerful pulling winch, which is mounted on a compact excavator, removes service pipes up to 1-1/2″ diameter and 85 feet long in minutes!

Pipe puller concept

The Pipe Puller concept is a simple, trenchless technique for pipe replacement.  Firstly, a strong steel pulling cable is fed through the old pipe which is being removed.  The pulling cable has a special pulling attachment on one end and this engages with the old pipe.  The other end of the cable is fixed onto the Pipe Puller spool which is driven by two powerful hydraulic motors.  The spool safely and continuously winds up the pipe as it is removed from the ground and a new copper or polyethylene pipe is towed into place following the same pathway as the old pipe. 

The method minimizes the risk of damaging any nearby utilities, removes the environmental hazard from the decommissioned pipe, reduces size of excavations and cost of reinstatement, and, most importantly, it is SAFE for operators and members of the public.

Kobus pipe puller positioned in excavation replacing lead water pipes

The proof is in the pulling...

The Pipe Puller is proving a popular trenchless pipe replacement technique with a number of our customers in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  As a result, thousands of old service pipes have been removed already and many more are being replaced each day.

But don’t take our word for it.  This short video shows a 3/4″ Copper Pipe being replaced with a new poly service between the curb-stop and the mains.

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