Leader Cable Low Friction

Product Details

Part No. KS.03002.0125.52

Low friction leader cable used to check if pipe to be removed is free of obstructions before inserting pulling cable.

A lightweight low friction rod with a smooth coating slides through the pipe with ease.  Use with spring loaded head.


  • Double ended rod allowing quick swap over.
  • Will negotiate bends with radii as small as 6”  increasing the chance of a successful installation.
  • Very low friction.
  • Coated cable allows for smooth entry into the pipe.
  • Material provides the correct stiffness to insert  at maximum length whilst maintaining flexibility.


Product Details

Part No. KS.03002.0434.00

Dispensing reel to conveniently house low friction leader cable. 

  • Retaining clip holds leader cable in place
  • Handle lock 
  • Guide to feed leader cable into reel
  • Holds up to 120 ft of leader cable


Product Details

Part No. KS.03006.1000.00

Spring Loaded Head attachment for low friction leader cable to guide around pipe bends and fittings.


  • Low friction bronze bullet shaped head on spring shaft designed to negotiate water pipe bends and fittings
  • 10mm head (3/8″ approx)

TOWING HEADS 20/25/32mm

Product Details

Part Nos.

20mm (3/4″) KS.03008.2000.00

25mm (1″) KS.03008.2500.00

32mm (1-1/4″) KS.03008.3200.00

Towing Head connects pulling cable to new Polyethylene (PE) pipe to tow into ground.

The towing head attaches to the pulling cable with a loop shackle, allowing the PE pipe to be pulled.


  • High Tensile Drop Forged Steel Eyebolts will not break when pulling new pipe in place
  • Proven Tooth Profile for high gripping power
  • Quick and secure fit to new pipe
  • Available in 20mm (3/4″), 25mm (1″) and 32mm (1-1/4″ approx)
Loop shackle to connect steel pulling cable to towing head

Loop Shackle Ø5mm Extended

Product Details

Part No. KS.03005.0502.00

Suitable for towing in Polyethylene (PE) pipe.

Connects the towing head to the pulling cable ferrule

Quickly connects the new pipe to the existing pipe without any additional tools. 

9mm hex threaded link (requires M9 fixed spanner wrench)

8mm extended loop shackle

Loop Shackle Ø8mm Extended

Product Details

Part No. KS.03005.0802.00

Suitable for towing in COPPER or PE pipe.

Connects the towing head to the pulling cable ferrule

Quickly connects the new copper pipe to the existing pipe without any additional tools. 

12mm hex threaded link (requires M14 fixed spanner wrench)

D Shackle 8x15mm

D Shackle for Copper pipe

Product Details

Part No. KS.03024.0815.03

D Shackle with Counter Sunk Pin Ø8 x 15mm (stainless steel) for towing in new COPPER or PE pipe.

Assemble with Pulling Ferrule on pulling cable

Connect to Loop Shackle Ø8mm Extended (KS.03005.0802.00) to link to towing head.

Requires Allen Key to tighten.

Adaptor Plate for Mounting on Compact Excavator

Product Details

Part No. KS.02057.0435.00

KPP400 Series Pipe Puller – Adaptor Plate

  • Adaptor Plate to allow Quick-Hitch attachment to excavator
  • Mounting holes provided in adaptor plate

Please enquire for detailed instructions on mounting to excavator attachment

K-Line Drawstring 1.5mm (MBL 770lbs) red

Product Details

Part No. KS.03015.1536.12

K-Line drawstring used to guide pulling cable through old pipes. 

  • Suitable for 10mm (3/8″) and 14mm (9/16″) pulling cables
  • Maximum Breaking Load 770lbs

(towing Sock/Cable grips/
chinese fingers)

Product Details

Part Nos.
3/4”x L25”         KS.03030.0703.00
1.0”-1.5”x L30” KS.03030.0603.00
1.5”-2.0”x L42” KS.03030.0401.04
2.0”-2.5” L48”   KS.03030.0501.04

KPP400 Series Pipe Puller – K-Sock

  • Used to Pull Copper and Plastic Pipes
  • Double Weave non coated in sizes 3/4” x L25 and 1.0”-1.5” XL30
  • Triple Weave Nylon Coated in sizes 1.5”-2.0” x l42 and 2.0”-2.5”x l48
  • Other types and sizes are available on request


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