Case Study – Replacing Galvanized Gas Services in Glenwood, IL with Nicor Gas (Southern Co) and Kobus Pipe Puller 400

July 28th-29th , 2020

Description: As part of the training imparted by Kobus Inc Engineers, we met with Nicor Gas at their new site in Glenwood IL where we would be pulling old galvanized gas services and replacing with HDPE. The purpose of this visit is to ensure our customers are fully trained on our Technology and Pipe Puller, that the best practices on Health and Safety are met and finally give advice from our own experience gained after years of pulling in different countries, materials and soil conditions.
All pipes removed were 3/4″ galvanized steel and they were replaced with ½” HDPE. The typical lengths of the services were between 30 and 65 ft between the main and meter (by dwelling), soil and substrate was consistent with loose and moist soil at depths of 4 ft.
Two services were replaced during the training and only an excavation by the main was required as the pipe from the meter was on a soft bend downwards which allowed us to feed the cable with no further excavation or preparation. This saved considerable amount of time and only one pit was needed of 4ftx4ft by the main. This excavation, due to the presence of a large tree, took approximately two hours due to heavy rooting around service and main. The road remained open at all times.
Duration of actual pulls varied from 3 to 5 minutes (for day two pulling the 30ft service and for day one pulling the longer 65ft service). We utilized both the cables commercialized by Kobus Inc, the 14 mm (approx. 9/16″) and the 10 mm (approx. 3/8″) depending on lengths, service diameter and soil conditions to good effect. (14mm on the first day and longer service to evaluate soil conditions).

Outcome: Whilst training, attention is always on H&S and supervision of the crews, therefore high productivity is not pursued. This is something the crews will gain with time and continuous use of The Kobus Pipe Puller. The crew was outstanding, eager to learn and use our technology, grasped the simple concept of Pipe Pulling quickly.
Attention is also given to the actual Pipe Puller itself to ensure it is performing as intended, with no mechanical nor hydraulic issues. Kobus Inc Engineers also set up the excavator to best suit the requirements of the KPP400.
Over the training period, we experienced no set backs, cable failure nor Pipe Puller issues. No strikes with neighboring utilities were recorded either. Training was carried out by certified Kobus Inc Personnel with ample experience on the Pipe Puller and technique, ensuring safety standards were always in place .

Feed back: Nicor Gas was happy with the training imparted on their crews and hoping to be using the Pipe Puller on the extensive replacements programs. This is the second Pipe Puller for Nicor Gas; Des Plaines IL location acquired theirs last year.


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